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Betrayed by their own kind

By Leong Jing Rou, Russian News Agency-TASS

Published: 20 Mar 2019 - 12:01 PM

The Plight of the Rohingyas

The Plight of the Rohingyas

Earlier on today, the International Court of Justice had a discussion about the convention of the punishment and prevention of the suspected action on the crime of Genocide in the Rohingyas crisis.

The discussion started with French delegates who claimed that the Myanmar government authorities were guilty of conducting genocide because of the denial to provide aid and impose restrictions on their movement and also the military authorities for actively participating in acts such as raping, torturing and killing the Genocide. However, the Myanmar delegates claimed that the Myanmar government was innocent of conducting Genocide because they had no intent of hurting the Rohingyas but instead, it was the citizens who started the whole case themselves due to racial discrimination.

The debate revolves around the reliability of the source of information where some judges emphasised the importance of the accuracy of the news for what seems like an eternity until the judges agreed to move on to the witness testimonial.

One of the witness, a Rohingya said ‘I was attacked by some strangers a few days, I have reported it to the authorities but the government did nothing ‘. This matches with what the French delegates said that the government ignored the Rohingyas call for help. However, is this considered genocide? The 10 stages of genocide are classification, symbolisation, discrimination, dehumanization, organisation, polarisation, preparation, persecution, extermination and denial. Even though the claim that the military authorities raped and cause harm to the Rohingyas cannot be verified, the fact that the Burmese government did not put in enough effort to reach out to the Rohingyas is evident.

The spokesmen for the Burmese government on the other hand, stated the reason why the Rohingyas were not granted citizenship , ‘ The Rohingyas can only be granted citizenship if they have proved that their ancestors has already resided in Myanmar before 1823’ and also ‘ it is for security reasons’ . This has proved that the Rohingyas is still considered a foreigner to Myanmar and the Burmese government has no intention to accept them into their society because they are implying that Rohingyas may be terrorists that can pose a threat to the nation’s security.

The council session did not concluded with any solutions yet and will continue the debate over the problem in the next conference.