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Discussion of ensuring cyberspace security for Youths

By Manfred Tan Lisheng, The Wall Street Journal

Published: 20 Mar 2019 - 11:43 AM

The UN discussed the issue of cyberspace security in the media and online information in different countries. Cyberspace is defined as the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs. This is a pressing issue that threatens the peace in the world as the world is connected through the internet and online connections. This means that ensuring cyberspace security is very important to prevent chaos from breaking out and prevent Youths from getting harmed further.

The members of the UN are divided in their opinions on whether cyberspace security is a crucial point for discussion or should be settled quickly without spending too much time on it. The delegates that think that ensuring cyberspace is important feels that many people has access to cyberspace. According to google, 3.2 billion people have access to the internet. This shows that due to many people having access to internet, it will be very difficult to control the spread of fake news on the internet and it will be difficult to prevent circulation of news in the world unless internet is banned by countries. Furthermore, the internet is a very powerful tool and could disrupt the daily lives of many in the country. This is due to the people using the internet taking anonymous identity instead of themselves thus giving them the opportunity to do something they would not normally do. In addition, the impacts of cyber abuse is devastating and can even lead to long terms effects. On the other hand, delegates who feel that cyberspace security is insignificant feels that cyber abuse can be dealt easily and will not give much problems or affect the country much. Delegate of Singapore feels that cybersecurity is a problem that is not that important if its citizens are well educated and have the basic knowledge of spotting fake news. The delegate of Singapore also feels that cyberspace security is a domestic matter as the government’s action and non-corrupted government plays an important role in preventing cyber abuse from happening. Also comparing cyberspace security to other aspects that were discussed it would be less important.

The Wall Street Journal feels that cyber abuse is important in the world. Based on the current situation in US, it will be beneficial to the US if there is cyberspace security. Statistics from Wikipedia revealed that there has been a growing increase in the number of cases of cyber abuse in the US. This thus leading to the government raising awareness of cyber abuse in US to prevent more cases of cyber abuse from happening. From this shocking evidence, it tells that even though US is a first-world country and its citizens are well-educated, cyber abuse it still happening. This means that cyber abuse is happening due to other possible reasons such as the citizens of US knowing the outcomes of cyber abuse but still resort to cyber abuse as they use it as a source of entertainment. From this, The Wall Street Journal hopes that the UN will helped think of solutions or punishment to restrict cyber abuse from happening.

Through this conference, the UN have concluded to help ensure cyber security through different means and methods. Delegates from Somalia proposed to increase regulations on cyberspaces such as social media and online platforms. Some rules and regulations include fines and jails for those who spread fake news for cyber abuse others. This will instill fear in those who spread fake news or decide to cyber abuse others online. The government will have to step in and carry out a special group of police to sought out the spread of fake news by outlets and online cyber abuse situation. This would require the cooperation of both the different countries and the UN to have a successful outcome. This will then effectively reduce the threats by cyber abuse or spread of fake news. In addition, the delegate of China proposed to ban the use of social media to ensure that cyber abuse will not happen. However, The Wall Street Journal feels that this method is too extreme and will reduce a country’s economy as social media is used in everyday live and brings about convenience to the country. By removing it, the production and effectiveness of country will be harshly affected and the citizens of that country will also not want social media to be ban. This will lead to citizens going against the government and eventually making matters worse.

On the other, The Wall Street Journal recommends that countries work together with social media companies to erase the threats from cyber abuse. With the collaboration of both the government and the cyberspace companies, cyber threats will be reduced effectively. The cyber companies will help to track down users who committed the crime of cyber abuse and the spread of fake news. The government will then carried out the deemed punishment for the offenders. Through this punishment, The Wall Street Journal hopes that the offenders will learn from their punishment and will change their mindset and their wrong attitude displayed.

As the session closes, The Wall Street Journal hopes that there will be a resolution for the cyber threats that happen. However, the choice to take actions and change the future depends on the cooperation of the countries.

The World Is More Connected Than We Think

The World Is More Connected Than We Think