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Part of our Community: LGBT

By Chloe Neo, The Wall Street Journal

Published: 20 Mar 2019 - 11:22 AM

No matter how much you try to deny it, the LGBT community is growing day by day, their number of supporters gradually increasing. We have to accept the fact that one day, LGBT rights and non-discriminative laws will become the norm.

On 19th March 2019, the members of SOCHUM started the debate on how members of the LGBT community could achieve more freedom and recognition that they should receive more respect and acceptance from the public as fellow human beings.

Discrimination is rampant in countries which have more conservative cultures and beliefs, where homosexual behaviour could be criminalised and shunned. Members of SOCHUM strived to protect the rights of their LGBT citizens.

Although some countries like Iran, Bangladesh and Turkey do not strongly support openly homosexual behaviour, do not legalise same sex marriage and criminalise homosexual acts due to religious and cultural beliefs, in some cases, punishment is death penalty. During the Unmoderated Caucus, the delegate of Iran pitted against the delegate of America about how members of the LGBT community were unnatural and against the will of the Islamic god. However, the delegate of America made a firm, liberal statement that “gay rights are human rights”, showing that members of the LGBT community deserve to be treated equally and that being gay is not an excuse to receive discrimination and hoped that Islamic countries could come to a compromise for LGBTs to receive basic human rights.

As hate crimes against LGBTs increase, delegates grew worried about the mental, physical and emotional health of LGBTs. Despite the strong anti-LGBT views posed by religious countries, they were aware of the rising amounts of violence towards the LGBT community and wanted to protect their citizens and ensure the safety of the LGBT community by curbing social discrimination.

With the exception of religious countries, other states are beginning to accept the members of the LGBT community step by step, some of which was to arrange more campaigns to eliminate the prejudices towards LGBTs, bring LGBT hate crimes to justice and job equality. More liberal countries have started to allow LGBTs to enlist into the military and have rewritten laws to accommodate members of the LGBTs such that they stand on equal ground as the heterosexuals, hoping that one day they can easily integrate into society and not be ashamed and hide their sexuality. However, highly religious countries stood firm against LGBTQIA acceptance and wished that the majorly liberal countries would respect their decision.

Countries with more liberal views had decided to promote education to inculcate a more open mindset towards members of the LGBT community to prevent an increase in discriminatory acts and prejudice against them. Those countries also agreed on writing laws that would protect the rights of the LGBT society to decrease the amount of discrimination and allowing countries which are against LGBT to review their laws to at least ensure the safety of their LGBT citizens.

Assault against the members of the LGBT community remains prevalent.

Assault against the members of the LGBT community remains prevalent.