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Threats that arise from the rise of Hitler and Japan.

By Manfred Tan Lisheng, The Wall Street Journal

Published: 19 Mar 2019 - 12:07 PM

The United Nations discussed about the rise of Adolf Hitler after World War 2 and Japan intentions of a nuclear war. This is a pressing issue happening in the world and could change the lives of many people in the world as well as change the affect the stability of peace in the world.

The members of the United Nations were shocked when the news of Hitler being alive was revealed.Hitler living in hiding after his defeat, now openly re-ascends to power in 1952 after the assassination of Konrad Adenauer, chancellor of West Germany. His sudden appearance after a long time, caused people to be divided, some wanting him to be arrested by interpol for causing chaos in the world while others supported him. With Hitler gaining back control of west Germany, he wanted Germany to have its power and authority back thus creating four main terms and conditions for countries which are involved in the impact of crippling Germany. The four main terms and conditions are as follows, reunification of Germany, stop reparations at once, end forced labour at once and compensate Germany for any force labour done on germans and all former German territories to be returned to Germany.

Delegates such as the delegates of the United States of America felt that Hitler is a war criminal and should be taken care off immediately as he had already caused chaos in the past. Thus, according to his reasoning, countries should work together to prevent history from repeating itself and prevent the same mistakes from happening. To further substantiate the claim made by the delegate of the United States of America, the delegate of Australia also made a claim that Hitler will only cause more aggravate tensions and increase chaos in the world thus the top priority is to ensure that Hitler is being arrested by interpol. On the other hand, other delegates such as the delegate of Mexico feels that not only Hitler but also America have taken part in genocide. An example, of a genocide done by the United States of America is the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan. Even worse, US dropped the nuclear bomb not once but twice on Japan. This resulted in 90,000–146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000–80,000 people in Nagasaki killed.

From this alarming evidence, it can be seen that America is equally as bad as Hitler so it is a very hypocritical behaviour by America, making the delegate of Mexico feel disgusted by what was said. Based on the accounts given by the delegates in the United Nations, the wall Street Journal feels that what is said by the delegate of US makes more sense compared to the other delegates.First off, Hitler is renowned for genocides in the history of the world.This means that Hitler should be the top priority in the list of things that should be settled by the UN. As such, he should be supported by and US, one of the main contributions which is against Hitler and believed that he should be stopped at once without further hesitation. Furthermore, the decision to bomb japan was necessary as japan had already caused a lot of chaos in the world and had to be stopped at once. Thus showing that the choice made by US is the right choice and is one with logic.

Apart from the rise of Hitler,there was also Japan trying to start a nuclear war.Japan felt that the damages they suffered and devastation left on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were immeasurable. This lead to the choice of starting a nuclear war. In addition, the announcement of alliance between Germany and Japan made matter worse.This meant that the enemies of germany and japan would also join forces to get rid of their common enemy. This would lead to massive damage and destruction between the alliance of germany and japan versus their common enemy.

Delegates in the UN such as the delegates of US have decided that since germany and japan have joined forces, US will take action against them both in order to ensure that peace in the world is establish. Claims made by other delegates include, delegates from China stating that peace is what they wanted and since peace will be affected if germany and japan was going to start a nuclear war, they will also try their best and ensure that germany and japan is stopped. On the other hand, other delegates such as Mexico supports japan and germany as they felt that both germany and japan have suffered a lot worse.

The wall Street Journal believes that the right thing to do is to stop germany and japan or else the peace and safety in the world will be compromised

All in all, as the conference comes to an end, we see that the world was bombed by germany and japan alliance. This is due to the fact that a lot of time is wasted discussing and almost no action was being carried out.The UN deeply apologies for the damage done as they were unable to handle the situation. If there was still time, the UN would like to change the way things were carried out and hopefully change the outcome. During this entire conference, there was no effective solution being carried and thus nothing was achieved and chaos eventually happened.

Picture of a nuclear explosion

Picture of a nuclear explosion