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Reparations to stop or another war

By Leong Jing Rou, Russian News Agency-TASS

Published: 18 Mar 2019 - 09:25 PM

Return of the Nazis.

Return of the Nazis.

Hitler is back. Yes, the once mighty ruler of Nazi Germany is found to be alive after living in hiding after his defeat. It turns out that in his years of hiding, he gathered Nazi supporters in Argentina, forming ODESSA, an underground Nazi organisation. He rose to power once again after the assassination of the chancellor of Germany and posed a threat to the international community by declaring his intention to revive Nazi Germany and to seize control of the world despite his previous failures.

One of his demands that he stated was that all countries are to support Germany to stop paying war reparations to Jewish states, Netherlands, Greece and Israel which are the countries that Germany had inflicted much damage to during World War 2. As mentioned above, Hitler wants to re-establish a Nazi designation of Germany. If countries do not adhere to his demands, the world would have to prepare for the outbreak of another gruesome war. While some of the countries supported Hitler’s stance, some strongly objected to adhere to his demands.

Guatemala was one of the countries who supported Germany to a certain extent, probably out of fear of another war. They felt that if Germany were to continue paying reparations, the United States should pay for the damage it caused to Japan regarding the atomic bombing too because the amount of damage caused was equally fatal. This might influence countries to follow in Germany’s footsteps to do what they like without caring whether they are doing any harm to the others. We are indirectly telling the world that it is reasonable for countries to invade one another, to carry out Genocide, to do harm to others because they would get away with it without getting punished. By then, what would our world become? A place without justice where only the strongest could survive?

On the other hand, Poland, a country with a large population of Jews though, was firm in saying that Germany has to pay for the sufferings they inflicted to the Jewish population and that all countries should receive a reasonable amount of compensation from Germany before the conditions of Hitler could be fulfilled. This may signal the start of a new war. The past may be put on show again. Once again, thousands or even millions of innocent lives will be lost and unnecessary sufferings will be inflicted on the innocent citizens who did nothing to deserve the treatment. In the end, the whole thing will just be a cycle. People will argue over reparations for damages in war and the outbreak of war might just happen again if one party is not satisfied with the conclusion. The whole cycle never ends unless one party is willing to give in. Or else, our world will just be destroyed in our very own hands and people will sacrifice under the weapons we once built to defend ourselves.

The fate of humanity depends on each countries’ leaders. They can choose to either end it peacefully or fight on for justice. Whatever the choice may be, with the return of Hitler, the future is filled with countless uncertainties.