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General Assembly Holds Plenary Crisis Discussion(2)

By Siow Jia Wei, The Wall Street Journal

Published: 18 Mar 2019 - 09:21 PM

Continuing from the previous article, the delegates were stating their stances in the crisis. Now, in this article, there has been a sudden turn of events. As the delegates continued to speak, there was a sudden development in events. Stalin stated that he has been supplying nuclear weapons to Japan, as well as that the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic has entered an alliance with Japan and Germany to ensure that the demands of of both Germany and Japan were met. President Stalin announced that they had 3 three Tsar Bomba class atomic bombs and 7 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, and that they would only withdraw those weapons when the demands of both Germany and Japan were being met as well as ensure that the nuclear weapons of the USA would never be able to threaten the USSR and its allies. With this sudden turn of events, the tensions escalated as Japan then surely had the power to start a nuclear war.

Motions were then called to discuss war reparations and the status of Hitler.

For the motion on status of Hitler, there were opposing views. For example, West Germany declared that while the Americans were pocketing the riches of West Germany, the West Germans continued to starve and that whatever Hitler has done in the past does not warrant him be prosecuted by the International Court of Justice or other such bodies. However, the USA states that Hitler should be charged for war crimes, and that the lies coming from within the USSR, Japan and Germany would be enough to destabilise the world.

The other motion on war reparations also had differing views. An example would be Argentina expressing views that USA should not be allowed to decide what is fair or unfair and that some reparations imposed on others were unfair because the ones that have to make the reparations do not get a say. They might also have their economies or industries devastated by the war and must first rebuild themselves.

As the statements made by the delegates continued, there was another turn in developments. The French and Chinese leaders were assassinated by what was believed to be the ODESSA during a secret meeting. That went on to show that the influence of ODESSA was large enough to extend beyond the European areas and affect action in the Asian region.

At the end of the Assembly, it was known that nuclear weapons have indeed been used and that whatever resolution the Assembly was hoping to reach had failed and that whatever events that were hoped to be avoided has happened.

A nuclear warhead being transported.

A nuclear warhead being transported.