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Adolf Hitler, War Hero or Criminal?

By Chloe Neo, The Wall Street Journal

Published: 18 Mar 2019 - 08:51 PM

After allegedly faking his death, Adolf Hitler, the man who had caused the death of six million Jews, had risen from the dead. After that, he listed four conditions he hoped the UN could support and abide by. First, for all countries to support the reunification of Germany, second, for all countries that once used German forced laborers to stop at once and compensate Germany, third, for all their former territories to be returned and fourthly, for all countries to support the end of all German war reparations to Greece, Israel and other Jewish states.

During the UN council meeting, many countries debated on whether to support or go against Germany's reunification and whether Adolf Hitler should or should not be considered a war criminal. Countries like the United States of America, Turkey and Yugoslavia were worried about the disaster and devastation Hitler would bring to the rest of the world, especially Jewish states, and pushed for his arrest and containment to secure the peace and harmony within the world.

However, Germany's former allies and supporters, countries like Mexico, Argentina and Guatemala, were supporting Germany's causes and also wanted every country involved in World War 2 to pay reparations to each other, which they assume is a more fair way of closing this situation. They also feel that Hitler's actions are more justified than America's even though six million Jews were brutally massacred just because Hitler suspected that the Jews were planning to take over the world. When Allies called for the unconditional surrender of the Japanese in the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945 - the alternative being “prompt and utter destruction” the Japanese rejected the ultimatum and continued the war, giving the Allies a more justified reason to obliterate Nagasaki and Hiroshima.While it is true that the atomic bombing had caused devastation in Japan, they had already been warned of what was to be expected, justifying the Allies actions. These false accusations against the Allies had been repeatedly used to give Germany a reason not to abide by the condition of the Treaty of Versailles.

While some countries are empathetic towards Germany for their dwindling economy, true justice has to be served to make a clear example of what should and should not be tolerated, it is also a deterrence to show that countries that commit unjustified actions will not get away with it scot-free. Furthermore, if Germany and Japan get away from this matter scot-free, it becomes a threat to the world as they might band together and attack other countries. With their military and nuclear strength, they will be unstoppable.

To prevent the above from happening, countries have to work together to eliminate the threat of Germany and Japan's uprising. The Allies work towards peace, justice and harmony, ensuring that World War 2 will be the last world war possibly but no the last war to ever happen.

Hitler's actions against the Jews and the rest of the world clearly shows that he is indeed a war criminal and has violated many of the international laws set in place to secure global peace and harmony.

Adolf Hitler, “back from the dead”

Adolf Hitler, “back from the dead”