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Is this the beginning of world war 3?

By Chin Xian Ci, Russian News Agency-TASS

Published: 18 Mar 2019 - 08:43 PM

This morning, the United Nations (UN) faced an unexpected threatening event.

The world witnessed the return of Adolf Hitler. Lieutenant general of Japan's National Safety Force (NSF), Keisatsukan also announced their intentions to start a nuclear war against the world. This afternoon, the UN held a meeting with the agenda of settling this situation.

During the conference, some delegates expressed the possibility of Japan and Nazi supporters forming an alliance against the world just like back in world war II. This is not impossible due to the fact that both Germany and Japan have faced harsh punishments after world war II.

Many countries shared their views on what actions the UN should take next. Some delegates suggested that Adolf Hitler should be arrested as a war criminal. Some delegates questioned if Japan really has the power to hold a long term full-scale war. Some delegates suggested that further negotiations should be held for the sake of a peaceful agreement to avoid threatening the stability of the world. All the delegates had differing opinions but all of them knew that they must come to an agreement to a solution that will best benefit everyone.

Adolf Hitler has mentioned four conditions that need to be met in order to prevent this outbreak of war in the near future. He specifically mentioned that all conditions proposed need to be met to a certain extent or war would break out. Towards Hitler's request, countries stand on either side. Some delegates support the request whereas some disagree in giving in to the conditions and some remain neutral to his request. Towards Hitler's demands, the United Kingdom delegate expressed their objects. They suggested that forceful military intervention should be put in action if necessary to suppress Hitler and his supporters.

The Yugoslavia delegate mentioned that a systematic approach is needed to deal with this situation concerning nuclear weapons being used. The Philippines delegate suggested that UN should just bomb Tokyo, capital of Japan, to prevent the escalation of the situation. This would also remove Japan as a threat to the world once and for all. Australia agrees that the UN should focus on containing Japan instead of Hitler due to the fact that Hitler currently only has a small group and is not as big a threat as the nuclear weapons the Japanese have in possession. However, the Australia delegate did not mention their stance on what the Philippines suggests. In regards to Russia delegate, they expressed that they subtly support Germany and Japan. The Russia delegate believes that Japan and Germany also need help in the rebuilding of their nations. They also believe that the terms by Hitler will help Germany in rebuilding after war thus they believe that the reunification of Germany should be supported. Luxemburg delegate claimed that no one involved in world war II is innocent, thus a solution will not arise until everyone agrees and make compromises instead of pushing all the blame to the losing countries. The Luxemburg delegate's claims further suggests that the requests by Germany and Japan should not be fully dismissed and

that countries should look further into negotiations.

Although the UN has yet to come to a decision of their next action one thing is for certain, there will be another war if this is not handled properly.

Picture of the United Nations in an emergency meeting

Picture of the United Nations in an emergency meeting