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  1. Social Cohesion through Youth Development

    Every year, countless cases of violence and bullying leave growing adolescents scarred and fearful of interaction, and hence much urgency is required to ensure a safe environment within the school communities for the youths. Moreover, as educational environments become increasingly more multicultural, inculcation of beliefs and values of different cultural backgrounds becomes an irreplaceable part of the school curriculum. As youth education is of utmost importance for a country’s progress and development, much needs to be done to improve the current education system.

  2. Freedom of Expression

    Even as we are granted the autonomy to express ourselves, countless forms of censorship from reporting to blocking and banning cast doubt on the true value of the freedom of expression. As the United Nations agency that champions “the free flow of ideas by word and image”, the UNESCO looks to foster freedom, pluralism and independence in every form of media. But beyond the UNESCO's mandate, there are other more critical players governing the regulation of information sharing, journalism and artistic expression, with the ability to even monopolise the industry and dictate the type of content made available to the public. Other considerations include the prevalence of state-sanctioned media, fake news, and the fine line between freedom of expression and, vandalism and the destruction of property.


Photo of Shi Peiyun

Shi Peiyun

Peiyun is a graduated student from River Valley High School and is deeply honoured to be serving this conference once again. Her MUN journey began as a delegate in RVMUN 2015 and since then, she has participated in conferences both local and overseas, taking up positions as a chair or as a secretariat member. When she is stressed out by reality, you would probably find her locked in her room having fun with the instruments she have. She hopes that everyone, including herself, will have a fruitful experience in this conference, leaving no regrets and be inspired to continue on their MUN journey with greater confidence.

Photo of Chan Kah Leong

Chan Kah Leong

Kah Leong is a graduated student from River Valley High School. As such, he can finally spend his time at nearby coffee shops sipping Teh O without regrets. Having chaired UNESCO in RVMUN 2018, he is back to chair UNESCO (again) in 2019 to have a more meaningful life before NS. Kah Leong hopes that all delegates would be able to have lots of fun while enjoying the good food throughout the conference.