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  1. Women’s Political Leadership and Representation

    In recent years, more female representatives have been elected to the same positions and are enjoying equal opportunities as their male counterparts. With this, women’s presence in politics has steadily risen, an example being Canada’s renowned gender-balanced cabinet. Though this is favourable, much still needs to be done to increase women’s political representation.

    When underrepresented, it diminishes the recognition of interests, needs and problems women face in their communities. Without a reasonable proportion of women in government, the views of women politicians are less likely to be equally represented and voiced out in government.

  2. Women’s Reproductive Autonomy

    In the 1960s, Women’s Reproductive Autonomy first gained its spotlight during the Second-Wave Feminism movement. From the rights to birth control to the legality of abortion, the movement campaigned for a wide number of issues, spurring the debate for Women’s Reproductive Autonomy.

    The gradual empowerment of women through education, as well as the attendant increase in the number of women in the workforce, served as a leveller to this gender inequality. However, the criminalising of any forms of abortion regardless of the circumstances, and the interplay of religious beliefs highlights how women in certain countries are still expected to conform to ‘God’s will’ rather than make their own choices.


UNCSW Directors Group Photo
Photo of Alan Lim

Alan Lim

Alan is a JC2 student who took an unusual combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and History because he thought it was cool. As a student taking the compulsory subject, General Paper, Alan has gradually developed an interest in current affairs and enjoys researching and discussing with others. As such, he sees RVMUN’19 as an avenue to listen to diverse perspectives on contentious matters and meet new friends.

Alan commits his free time to highly intellectual pursuits such as watching vine compilations’ videos and browsing, reviewing and laughing at dank memes. In school, besides being part of a science club and a history cult, he enjoys eating a bowl of Yi mein with salt concentrations higher than the Dead Sea from the school canteen! He strongly encourages everyone to try out this good food when you are here.

Photo of Tan Yan Tong

Tan Yan Tong

Yan Tong is a JC1 student. She enjoys the discussion of controversial topics and other global issues and believes that MUNs are a great way to encourage youths to develop an interest in current affairs. Moreover, she sees MUN as a way for youths to learn to grow through opening their mind up to different perspectives and debating on prevalent problems that plague the world today.

As someone who enjoys art in its various forms, Yan Tong is active in the school’s Dance Society as well as Public Speaking Club in addition to her commitments in other academic clubs. She has a boundless love for animals and volunteers at an animal shelter regularly. In her spare time, Yan Tong enjoys reading, visiting museums and watching movies with her dog.

Yan Tong hopes that RVMUN will be a fulfilling and enriching experience for all delegates and participants.

Photo of Zhang Kai Lun

Zhang Kai Lun

Kailun is a JC1 student, who started out his MUN journey at the Singapore Model Cabinet in 2018. Since then, his interest in MUN has been ignited, and he is truly honoured to be one of your directors. Kailun enjoys the heat of discussion and gaining new knowledge about pressing issues as well as listen to the diverse perspectives delegates have to offer. One of Kailun’s favourite activities is spending entire afternoons watching 9gag videos while eating a bag of skittles.

As a passionate lover of History and Literature, Kailun is taking the full arts combinations in Junior College, HELM. In his spare time, he dives into the world of medieval history with his iPad. Being extremely fond of ancient architecture, Kailun likes to travel to countries in both the East and West to explore heritage sites around the world such as the Notre Dame in Paris.

Lastly, Kailun simply enjoys the joy of fun and laughter as well as meeting new people.