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  1. Nuclear Disarmament: Advisory Opinion on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear Disarmament has been a hot topic of debate since the first use of the Atomic Bomb by the United States of America against Japan during World War ll. Throughout recent history, the international community increasingly favoured the concept of nuclear disarmament, aided much by international agreements for their cause. For example, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) prohibited signatories from exchanging nuclear weapons and obliged signatories to pursue nuclear disarmament, all while supporting the peaceful use of nuclear energy. This represented stances of the international community on the issue of nuclear disarmament in its pursuit for a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons.

    Currently, the general global trend observed from the issue of nuclear disarmament could be said to be a prima facie positive case. However, contrary to the numerical observation, both Russia and the USA, apart from their commitments in New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), remain to have long-term programmes underway to replace and modernise their nuclear stockpiles. The priority for the nuclear states of China, India and Pakistan continues to focus on modernisation and expansion.

  2. Application of the Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Suspected Action on the Crime of Genocide in the Rohingya Crisis (Myanmar v. France)

    The term ‘Genocide’ was coined in 1944, through the combination of the Greek word ‘genos’ (race) and the Latin suffix ‘cide’ (to kill). As a coordinated plan with the aim of wiping out the groups themselves, Genocide targets the national group as an entity, with actions being directed against individuals from such national groups.

    Developing on the long-standing practice and legal opinion of the international community, Genocide is a definite crime under international law. Looking into the suspicions of genocide in Myanmar, how will the ICJ’s justification for the Rohingya crisis play out?


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Photo of Chew Woon Hwei Emmeline

Chew Woon Hwei Emmeline

This is Emmeline’s first chairing experience and she is very honoured to be given this opportunity. When Emmeline is not muddling over the accuracies of astrological interpretations, she spends her time watching animation from all around the world: American, French, and her favourite — Japanese. (Delegates are welcomed to have a friendly discussion with her about their anime-watching habits outside of council sessions). Being an individual who never seems to get enough sleep, Emmeline enjoys taking naps on the bus to school. It is a common sight to see her resting her heavy head on the window with her eyelids fully shut and shamelessly drooling, before her hectic day at school. She hopes that both the dais and the delegates will be able to enjoy RVMUN fulfillingly and forge lasting memories.

Photo of Chloe Tan Jia Qi

Chloe Tan Jia Qi

Chloe’s MUN journey began at RVMUN 2018, where her goal was to speak once on the General Speaker’s List everyday. Chloe has since come a long way, having participated actively in other conferences since then. Outside of MUNs, Chloe has a keen interest in basketball and music, and spends most of her time listening to her favourite artists such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Although both examples of her favourite artists have similar styles, she also listens to many other genres of songs in multiple languages. In school, unlike many others in the MUN circuit, Chloe actually takes a science combination (BCME). However, this does not limit her interest in the Arts, especially History and English Literature. With that, she looks forward to meeting new delegates and hopes to inspire other first timers to set out on their MUN journey beyond RVMUN. Lastly, she wishes for all delegates to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Photo of Zhang Ze Min

Zhang Ze Min

RVMUN’19 would be Zemin’s virgin chairing experience and he is very delighted to be able to receive such an opportunity. Zemin is usually found sleeping or trying to sleep. However, often times, Zemin is torn away from his favourite hobby by his cold, cruel responsibilities in the real world. He also very much enjoys reading and is fascinated by the political changes in our world. Additionally, he takes part actively in his CCA, wushu and is deeply interested in pool. [Should delegates want to approach him]. Unlike most of the chairs, Zemin takes a double humans and double science combination (CMEH), striving for balance in his life. For RVMUN 2019, Zemin would strive to do his best in engaging council for the interesting debates on both topics. He looks fervently upon council to come up with interesting perspectives for amiable judgements upon worldly issues. Lastly, he welcomes all new delegates and strives to make RVMUN’19 a fruitful and fun journey for all.