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  1. Maritime Security and Cooperation

    In the past quarter of a century, nearly two-thirds of all transnational organised crime, such as pirate attacks occurred within waters in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, the numerous competing territorial claims in the South and East China Seas are flashpoints that serve as a indicator of the intensity of inter-state tensions in these maritime zones. This poses severe threats to maritime security, endangering the overall geopolitical fabric, as well as disruption trading routes. Besides, ASEAN nations share several common security and economic interests, which binds this region closely in a number of interdependent aspects. Located around the South China Sea, the Asia-Pacific maritime region is rich with untapped resources. Whether this is a blessing or a curse bestowed upon the regional nations lies in the management and cooperation to achieve sustainable economic growth and regional stability. Collectively, the ARF can be a strong regional force, but their potential can be undermined by the dominance of national interests and strategic divergence.

  2. Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime

    18,814 lives were lost to terrorism in 2017. Terrorism has not taken a day off and neither has ASEAN and ARF member states in attempting to counter it. The ASEAN leaders view terrorism as a profound threat to peace, security and the prosperity of the international community and have actively expressed commitment to combat terrorism and transnational crime in accordance with international laws and UN efforts. The ARF invites you to explore solutions from a regional perspective to address pervasive global issues such as the countering of terrorism and transnational crime.


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Priscillia Chan

Priscillia is an alumni of River Valley High School. Although she has already graduated, she is never too old to kick back and chill over a cup of Milo. Cheerful and fun-loving, Priscillia loves to meet new people and talk about everything and anything in life! She also has a lame sense of humour, so you can be sure that she will definitely laugh at even the worst of your jokes. Having chaired the European Union in RVMUN 2017, this will be her second time chairing and she hopes that all delegates will enjoy themselves and have a fulfilling experience.

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Neoh Tzeh Yuan

Looks can be deceiving, and Tzeh Yuan is definitely not the typical RV graduate you'd expect to see. Instead of making full use of the 6 years of wushu practice the school has arranged for him, Tzeh Yuan spends his free time appreciating all things cute, especially the kinds that give you warm and fuzzy feelings in your heart! And as a man with a strong sense of morality (哲远很有原则)(Tzeh Yuan is principled), Tzeh Yuan would like to give everyone his word that rvmun will literally be the best conference of your life, like literally!

(psst, rumor has it that he’s easily bribed by soft toys)