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History of RVMUN

Conceived in 2013, the River Valley Model United Nations (RVMUN) conference is a student-run initiative that serves as a platform for the youth of today to generate positive change in the world through consultative-based debate.

Organised by the River Valley High School History and Current Affairs Society (HACAS), RVMUN prides itself on youth empowerment by equipping them with knowledge and skills in order to understand and address the intricacies and complexities of the world of current affairs and international relations. RVMUN aims to provide delegates with the essential and critical insight into global issues, and foster a sense of responsibility and integrity in addressing and finding solutions to these challenges.

Now in it’s seventh edition, RVMUN has grown from strength to strength, and seeks to continually strive for greater heights. For this edition of the conference, the theme is “Si Vales, Valeo”, which, translated, means “your strength is my strength.” It is in this spirit of consensus and camaraderie that the conference will uphold, seeking towards greater strides in the progress of humanity.

Si Vales, Valeo

We are proud to announce that the theme for RVMUN 2019 is Si Vales, Valeo, which, translated, means ‘your strength is my strength’. This Latin maxim perfectly encapsulates the sense of family, camaraderie and collective strength that we at the History and Current Affairs Society (HACAS) of RVHS hold close to our hearts, and would like to promote in this year’s edition of the conference. Through the theme, we seek to foster mutual support among delegates, a consensus-seeking spirit in the conference, and great bonds of friendship to last a lifetime. On behalf of the Secretariat and Organising Committee of RVMUN 2019, we hope to bring you an enriching MUN experience, and we hope that you will enjoy the conference as much as we have had preparing it for you.

Si Vales, Valeo.

Secretariat Group Photo

The Secretariat

Photo of Megan Chua

Megan Chua


You may have known her as the wheel-chair at RVMUN 2018, but now she is stepping up (ha) as the Secretary-General of RVMUN 2019. For the first time ever in RVMUN history, we have a Sec-Gen who is a non-History student (the irony!). As a JC2 student with the world’s “healthiest” subject combination of BCMG, Megan probably took the most unorthodox route to become a MUNer, given that she is neither a debater nor a humanities student and is instead a Geographer in the Science stream (the worst kind, she knows). That being said, she enjoys an equitable amount of time in the realms of Geography and History especially with her avid participation in conferences both locally and abroad.

Apart from her interest in MUNs, she is willing to lose sleep over the World Cup, and also for MUFC and Juventus matches. She guarantees that anyone who supports the same clubs will gain an instant friendship with her because, obviously, that person has incredible taste and is smart enough to support teams that actually win.

Having progressed from being a delegate in RVMUN 2017 to a director in RVMUN 2018 and now the Sec-Gen of RVMUN 2019, she hopes to encourage everyone that it is realistic to dream big and work hard to get to where you want to be. Megan is very excited to see everyone at RVMUN 2019 and hopes that you will have a fulfilling experience at our conference!

Photo of Lim Xin Hui

Lim Xin Hui

Deputy Secretary-General (Academics)

Known for her bright orange bag (which her friends often taunt her for), Xin Hui is a JC2 student taking the PCMH combination. Having participated in over 7 MUNs locally and abroad, Xin Hui has decided to put a “,” to her MUN journey to fully focus on defeating the voracious monster known as the “A levels”. A full-time nocturnal creature that sleeps takes 3-hours midnight naps daily, she desperately seeks a sponsorship for an eye bag removal treatment, which has been unfortunately, pretty unsuccessful.

Outside her responsibilities as a student and the Deputy Secretary-General of Academics, Xin Hui enjoys browsing her Instagram feed for cute dog videos while devouring 20 nuggets at once. However, her humongous appetite does not yield significant impacts on her height, as she finds herself repeatedly explaining to her relatives that she has already graduated from primary school for the past 5 Chinese New Years, only to be greeted with shocked expressions.

Do feel free to approach Xin Hui should you have any queries, and she will be more than happy to help! With that, she hopes that all delegates would have an enjoyable experience at RVMUN 2019, and she looks forward to meeting everyone.

Photo of Valencia Wan

Valencia Wan

Under-Secretary-General (Academics)

Valencia is a JC2 arts student taking the HELM combination, with no regrets (yet!). While her name is often a conversation starter (“Did you know your name is a city in Spain/ football club/ footballer/ brand of orange...”), her name was actually given as she was borned on Valentines’ Day (fun fact)!

She loves the usual – sleeping, travelling and spending quality time with her closest friends. As for her other hobbies, she really loves cooking, baking (although she doesn’t have much time to do this anymore) and taking care of her herb garden (she once chatted with the school librarian for 45 minutes straight about the plants they were growing) – all of which sound incredibly domestic. Valencia believes in creating beauty from unassuming origins, and it always nice to detox from mobile devices sometimes. She also love debating (her friends can testify for that) and challenging herself in multiple aspects.

While she will not be having a lot of interaction time with delegates, having to execute more behind-the-scenes tasks, she really hopes that delegates will have the best of times here at RVMUN, forming new friendships and learning more people skills. MUN is exciting and unpredictable, and Valencia believes you have the ability to make it the experience you wish to create. She’s looking forward to see all of you!

Photo of Lim Nicole

Lim Nicole

Deputy Secretary-General (Administration)

Nicole is a JC2 student taking the suicide combination, BCMH. Having participated in both local and overseas MUNs as a delegate, chair and secretariat member, she is honoured to be serving as the Deputy Secretary-General of Administration and as an Academics member of RVMUN 2019.

Nicole has a keen eye for detail, often lamenting over tiny errors on advertisements and signboards, especially when they use fonts such as Comic Sans or Amatic SC. Nicole is also amazingly anal over the formatting of study guides and various documents, and apologises to all who have fallen under her wrath.

Outside of MUN, Nicole enjoys sipping on a good cup of Koi or Starbucks while binge watching (and rewatching) American TV shows. Despite having sun-kissed skin, she unfortunately does not have a flair for sports (she can’t play sports to save her life), and instead, is a Double Bass player in the school’s Chinese Orchestra.

Though not the one who directly interacts with you, she hopes that all delegates have an enriching 3 days of conference and looks forward to meeting you at RVMUN 2019!

Photo of Vania Xu

Vania Xu

Under-Secretary-General (Administration)
Deputy Secretary-General (Publicity)

Vania is a typical JC2 student studying in the Science stream. Though she is fascinated by atoms and the laws of the universe, her subjects don’t seem to reciprocate her interests for them and often leave her struggling.

An avid trumpet player, her instrument is not only a decorative shiny piece of metal, but a representation of her personality - proud and boisterous. At home, Vania’s mental age plummets as she’s constantly seen harassing her younger brother of ten years, playing video games with him whenever she needs a break from the arduous and demanding teenage life.

Previously chairing in RVMUN 2018, Vania began her Mun journey fantasising that this is the place to expand her obsession over having casual debates with family members. You will never hear how wrong she was, as she has lost her voice throughout the conference. Nonetheless, she is grateful to be back this year serving under Publicity and Administrative, and she can’t wait to meet all the delegates onboard RVMUN 2019!

Photo of Ng Yi Jie

Ng Yi Jie

Under-Secretary-General (Publicity)

Yi Jie is a JC2 student taking the mainstream combination, PCME. Even though the idea of MUN fascinates her, she shies away from partaking in it as a delegate, preferring to witness the conference unfold before her eyes.

Known to be eminently fickle minded, Yi Jie frequently gets caught for changing her profile picture more than three times a week, typically from one meme to another. She did attempt to follow Youtube tutorials on how to be more decisive in life, but as far as one knows, they weren’t that helpful.

Having been part of the Logistics Committee for RVMUN 2018, she is humbled to be given the chance to draw lessons from her previous experience in the Logistics Committee and serve under Publicity this year. She wishes all delegates a fulfilling time at RVMUN 2019!

Photo of Veronica Leong

Veronica Leong

Deputy Secretary-General (Conference)

Currently a JC2 student taking CHEM subject combination, Veronica is an individual characterized by her interests in everything western. That being said, she often finds herself rewatching all 10 seasons of Friends and being indulged in the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Other than finding joy in being disconnected from the world with The 1975’s newest album, Veronica takes particular relish in playing the guitar, especially when she is with her bandmates from The Unwritten! Standing at less than 160cm tall, she even has to resort to getting a ¾ guitar to fit her size.

Veronica is honoured to be the Deputy Secretary-General of Conference and an Academics member of RVMUN 2019, and hopes to see delegates enjoying themselves and putting themselves out there in RVMUN 2019!

Photo of Elsie Yuan

Elsie Yuan

Under-Secretary-General (Conference)

Elsie is a typical JC2 hybrid student who has a strong interest in Computing (actually no) and Chinese Literature. Having spent all her life standing at height of 1.8 meters, she really enjoys looking at people’s head and the fresh air up there, especially during morning assembly.

Outside of MUN, Elsie likes to stab herself with the brutal fact of being single by drowning herself in love dramas, be it Korean or Chinese, and complaining how all the tall guys out there are taken, leaving none for her. When she is not drowning in her collection of dramas, you can definitely find her in the library (somehow or another don’t ask why) or buying shoes. Furthermore, Elsie loves to interact with new people so do not be afraid of her towering height and do approach her to talk about daily life struggles during breaks or after conference. However, Elsie apologises in advance if she overlooked you when walking along the corridors or streets and she will make a mental note to herself to stay closer to the ground.

Lastly, Elsie is super honoured to be able to be part of the conference team for RVMUN’19 and she hopes that all delegates will have an enjoyable time at RVMUN’19!

Photo of Michelle Koh

Michelle Koh

Deputy Secretary-General (Logistics)

Michelle is a JC2 student taking the HELM combination, with the last subject of that combination often leaving her wanting to throw her things at the wall or hit her head with a gavel (in MUN context). Michelle is currently standing at a height of 1.58m. To date, she still laments about her inability to reach 1.60m, the average height of a Singaporean female.

Having chaired at RVMUN 2018, Michelle is very honoured to serve the Logistics Team this year, and she hopes that everyone will love the merchandises her Logistics members have come up with as much as she does! Michelle looks forward to RVMUN 2019 and hopes for everyone to have a wonderful time there!

Outside of MUN, Michelle loves to do a wide range of things such as watching dramas, reading, and singing karaoke (her friends may or may not warn you about her screeching singing voice). But not to worry, her speaking voice is perfectly fine, and she would like to use it now to say a warm hello to everyone!

Photo of Tan Kian Boon

Tan Kian Boon

Under-Secretary-General (Logistics)

Kian Boon is a JC2 student studying in the Science stream, although he does have a particular passion for History.

While not studying (most of the time), he can be found lurking in various subreddits and binge watching YouTube videos. Although these are mainly for entertainment purposes, you’d be surprised how many random facts one can pick up from these two activities alone (just ask him).

Despite not being brave enough for politics, he found himself participating in MUNs to broaden his understanding of political landscapes in a (relatively) safe environment. It’s all fun and games until the resolution passed starts another world war, after all.

Having been a member of the Logistics Committee in RVMUN 2018, he is happy to be back to contribute under the Logistics Committee again, and hopes that the delegates will have an amazing time at RVMUN 2019!

Photo of Vernice Chua

Vernice Chua

Deputy Secretary-General (Internal Staff)

Studying a hybrid combination, Vernice is a JC2 student enthusiastic about history and many other things from Harry Potter, to Brown, the cute bear from LINE FRIENDS!

Previously under RVMUN 2018's administration team, Vernice could be spotted taking instagram stories for @rvmun2018. This year, you would see her a little crazier, a little more active, and YOU can be part of the fun and craze, stay tune to find out more!

Well, out of MUN, Vernice enjoys floorball and time travelling wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. She also particularly loves cringey romantic comedies (or any sad story really) and the K-pop group, SHINee.

Lastly, she wishes RVMUN 2019 would be as exciting for you as it is for her and looks forward to growing and having fun together.

Photo of Ng Yinn Yii

Ng Yinn Yii

Under-Secretary-General (Internal Staff)

Taking a fulls arts (HELM) combination, Yinn Yii is an easy-going girl that is likened to the popular Japanese mascot, Kumamon.

Outside of MUN, Yinn Yii leads a hectic school life - she is a part of ELDDS (Drama) and is also one of the House Captains in RV’s 2019 Orientation team. Her coping mechanisms consist of bingeing on dim sum and $1 ice cream bread, as well as expanding her tea collection.

Yinn Yii tries to do everything with grace and elegance but is terribly accident prone. Having no prior RVMUN experience except as a note-passer in RVMUN 2018, Yinn Yii hopes that everyone can treat her with kid gloves. That being said, Yinn Yii will try her hardest so that everyone will have a wicked time at RVMUN 2019!

Yinn Yii hopes that with the combined efforts of the RVMUN Secretariat and Staff, that all delegates will have a blast during RVMUN2019!

Photo of Gabriel Yun

Gabriel Yun

Deputy Secretary-General (Press Corps)

Gabriel is an 18 year old student taking the BCMH subject combination. He is trying his best, but is struggling a lot with his math and sciences.

Outside of school, he can be found drawing in his sketchbook, and also much of his time binging shows on Netflix or watching YouTube videos (which probably explains the struggling).

While too hesitant to join MUN as a delegate, he has found himself taking part in other positions. As a political actor in last year’s MUN, he was able to have a good look behind the scenes of MUN, and is excited to have this chance to participate in MUN again this year.

Lastly, he hopes that all delegates have a great time in RVMUN 2019 and that everyone will enjoy the articles put up by Press Corp throughout the conference!

Photo of Irene Ti

Irene Ti

HACAS President

Irene is a JC2 student and admires anyone who MUNs because it is honestly the most tiring thing to her ever. Nonetheless, having previously been a delegate and director for RVMUN, Irene is extremely grateful to be able to help out again in 2019!

Irene is currently taking the HELM combination (which she has no regrets about, except maybe econs sometimes but she can’t do non-arts subjects so there’s that). She also loves sleeping and finds it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning, hence you may find her arriving late for events or meetings sometimes. Aside from that terribly bad habit of hers, Irene loves reading (but unfortunately takes a very long time to finish books) and binge watching dramas and TV shows! Her only life accomplishment is finishing Brooklyn 99 in one and a half weeks after PW ended.

Lastly, she wishes everyone attending RVMUN’19 all the best! It’s easy for one to get caught up with awards and all that stuff but Irene sincerely hopes that RVMUN will be a conference that reminds or instills in people the joy and happiness of learning. She also strongly believes that what ultimately matters is the friendships and knowledge gained so with that, see you soon!

Our Team

Committee Photo for Academics


The Academics team is in charge of the academic quality of RVMUN 2019. Their responsibilities include conducting simulation-based training for directors and overseeing the editorial process of study guides.

Committee Photo for Administration


From registration to the allocation of delegates, the Administration team has been the backbone of RVMUN 2019. All administrative procedures come under this committee, and they have been responsible for the formatting of all documents and paperwork.

Committee Photo for Conference


The Conference team ensures the coordination and consistency of conference flow. Furthermore, the team will also be taking you through the beginning to the end of RVMUN 2019.

Committee Photo for Internal Staff

Internal Staff

The members of Internal Staff oversee the selection and training of all political actors and note-passers. One of the highlights of their job scope would be the Dinner and Dance segment of RVMUN 2019, where they promise a fun time for all.

Committee Photo for Logistics


The Logistics team designs and follows up on production of RVMUN merchandise and essentials such as lanyards and placards. They also handle other logistical matters such as council venues, facilities and conference set-up.

Committee Photo for Press Corps

Press Corps

The Press Corps team manages all journalistic aspects of RVMUN.

Committee Photo for Publicity


From Instagram to this very website, the Publicity team manages various RVMUN platforms, keeping you in the loop with updates regarding RVMUN.

HACAS Photo 2018

History and Current Affairs Society (HACAS)


HACAS is a dynamic CCA that prioritizes education and learning for all. Our students see weekly academic sessions alongside multiple collaborations. HACAS strives to expand the awareness of and emphasise the importance of History, in a fun and engaging way.

With 4 central themes every year, HACAS delves into the past and the present through internal and external collaborations, productions and film screenings. Our students have since worked with the NUS Museum and hosted guest speakers from various backgrounds.

HACAS has also pioneered RVMUN, having seen 6 editions of the conference. Actively participating in conferences all around Singapore and overseas, our students have also been to the Harvard Model United Nations and Yale Model United Nations 2017 and 2019.