Dear Delegates, Chairpersons, Conference Staff, Teachers, and Honoured Guests of RVMUN 2019,

Welcome to River Valley Model United Nations 2019! On behalf of the History and Current Affairs Society (HACAS), as well as the RVMUN Secretariat, it is my honour to invite you to participate in the seventh annual edition of our RVMUN conference, which will be held from 18 to 20 March 2019.

Every year, RVMUN has consistently postured and maintained itself as a preparatory conference that inspires the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to train, educate and inspire in a setting that is nurturing and enriching for all involved. As a preparatory conference, we introduce delegates to the world of Model United Nations and encourage them to try their hand at discussing and resolving some of the twenty-first century issues.

The RVMUN experience consists of not only the conference itself, but also pre-conference training sessions and materials to prepare all delegates for the conference, ensuring that all delegates can approach their council sessions with confidence, all while challenging themselves in their own way. During the conference, delegates can look to academically rigorous debates, networking opportunities, good brain food and lastly, a night to unwind and celebrate at the end of the conference.

With the theme Si Vales, Valeo, which translates into Your Strength is My Strength, we sincerely wish that RVMUN 2019 can be a breakthrough for many delegates - for them to step out of their comfort zone and take the brave step forward, all with the virtue of unity and the spirit of togetherness.

Join us at our conference to discover your strengths and our strength as one. Once again, on behalf of my entire team, we look forward to seeing you at RVMUN 2019!

Warmest Regards, Megan Chua

Sec Gen's Photo

Megan Chua